Dear AEL Families,


Our PTA is very active and works closely with the school to help to make your child's elementary school years memorable.  We are fortunate to be a part of this community where the school staff and families partner to make our children's elementary years so special.


The first step in being a part of your child's elementary school years is becoming a member of the PTA and lending your support.  Here are some answers to some very commonly asked questions.


“What exactly is the PTA?”

The Parent Teacher Association is first and foremost an advocacy group; giving a voice for our children. The PTA is the perfect environment to share ideas, concerns, and experiences to make the school year better for everyone.


“Why should I join the PTA?”

Our PTA strives to provide the best educational programs for our school and the only way we can achieve these goals is by the help of our community. By becoming part of the PTA, part of your membership helps fund many of our programs including:


  • Cultural Arts Programs (our budget this year is nearly $25k for these programs)

  • PARP (Parents As Reading Partners)

  • Summer Reading Recognition

  • Field Day

  • Kindergarten Orientation

  • Kindergarten Welcome Wagon

  • Pre K Program

  • Children’s Flower Giveaway

  • Carnival
  • Book Fair

  • Staff Appreciation 


 “If I become a member, do I have to volunteer?”

No. You can contribute as little or as much time as you want. If the most you can do is pay your annual membership dues (which helps fund our programs), then that’s great! If you want to volunteer for just one event, fantastic! A PTA membership card does not send you into a black hole of endless volunteering!


“What is the difference in memberships?”

A family membership is $15.00. A Family membership covers membership and benefits for both parents. With a family membership, you also have two votes in all PTA meetings and elections.


“So now I am a member…now what?”

Congratulations! You are now part of a group that makes positive changes at our school!



The Accompsett Elementary PTA